​4 Cover Girls each time!

If you ever wondered what its like to be on the cover of a magazine
this is your chance! become a contestant for your chance to win one of the covers!

Pageant Practices have started, but you can still Join!
send us a message if you have any questions on how to join.


March 24th,  2019

 FREQUENTLY asked Questions
  1. How old do I need to be to participate?
    For Teen Cover Girl - girls betweent the ages of 13-16-17yrs For Miss Cover Girl - Ladies between the ages of 17-26 yrs If you are 17, you have the choice to move up to the Miss Category.
  2. Do I need to be a Quinceañera or Bride to participate?
    NO. You do not need to be a Bride to be any time soon! or have a quinceañera. Participants are MODELS, and as a model it is your job to play the role! of a quinceañera or a Bride just for one day! during the photoshoot. The pageant is open to all ethnicities!
  3. When is the Next Pageant?
    March 24th, 2019 Practices begin February 24th.
  4. Is there a Registration Fee?
    Yes, there is a $100 registration fee. Plus the sale of day of the pageant TICKETS. Every contestant must sell 15 tickets for $20 each, no exceptions. You will be given 15 tickets to sale by your first practice. If you need more than 15 tickets, you can ask for more. Invite as many people to cheer for you the day of the event. All Ticket Sales are due the last practice before the pageant.
  5. What does the Pageant consist of? Judging criteria?
    -5 min Interview with Judges 30% of score -Opening Dance ( no score given here) -Intro Speech (score) -Fashion Competition (score) -Nightgown Competition (score) -Top 4 answer a Question onstage (added to previous score)
  6. What is the Preparation for the Pageant consist of?
    We have a 4 week pageant preparation which includes: -walking and posing -makeup class -On Location Photo Session -self-esteem -stage talking (public speaking) -Dance choreography
  7. What titles are awarded?
    2 Teen Cover Girls 2 Miss Cover Girls 1 Teen Photogenic 1 Miss Photogenic 1 Teen Popular 1 Miss Popular 1 Miss Congeniality
  8. Why are there two Cover Girls selected in each age division?
    Our magazine releases a new edition every 4 months. We hold a pageant every 8 months(or so). That is why we select two girls so we have our cover girls for the next two magazines.
  9. Do I need Experience?
    NO. You can be a first time pageant contestant or have experience in pageantry. That is why we provide training by an experienced State title teacher, so you can learn all the basics of pageantry, and your efforts will show onstage.
  10. Can I participate again if I already participated in a past pageant?
    Yes! You may become a contestant again if you did not win. You may also participate as a Miss Contestant if you have been a Teen contestant in the past.
If you would like to participate, but  still have questions that are not answered here,
  please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are now sure you want to become a contestant, you can pay your registration Fee of $100 Now,
or save your place with $50 Payment Now, and the $50 remaining are due on the day of the first pracice.  
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