NEXT EXPO:  May 6th, 2018
Casting Date To be announced!

FREQUENTLY asked Questions
  1. When & Where is the Casting?
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  2. How Old do I need to be to attend casting?
    Girls, and boys 13yrs+ Girls 13-16 will be modeling Quinceañera Dresses, & cocktail dresses Ladies 17+ Wedding Dresses & Cocktail dresses
  3. What do I bring?
    Dress in Black preferred. Black Leggings and MUST bring Heels.
  4. Is there a Fee to participate?
    NO Fee to participate, however you must Buy a $10 QModel Shirt, which you must wear to every practice. It is a great experience, you learn what you would otherwise pay somewhere else, and you get to model for one day at a big EXPO show.
  5. Is everyone selected to model at the EXPO?
    We need a certain number of models. Usually 20. If we get more than 20 we will select the ones with a little runway experience, or no experience at all, but show confidence on first casting walk.
  6. What is the training for EXPO Fashion Show?
    During the 4 Sundays you will learn - Basic Runway walking - Basic Posing - Basic choreography - Walk in Heels - RUNWAY Walking
  7. What will the casting consist of?
    We will provide all information for the EXPO & EXPO practices. All models are required to sign-in and fill out a form with basic info. If Under 18, please bring a parent/adult. - A simple walk & present yourself. (2 min)
  8. Is everyone selected?
    We want to select everyone! and give everyone the opportunity to model. Depending on the number of models that show up to the casting and the number of models we need for the fashion show, you may all be selected or we may have to make a selection, which will be based on how confident your walk is.