APRIL 28th,  2019

First Practice  March 10

My Dream Hall
239 Third Ave
Chula Vista, CA

Arrive 15min to register! if you have not.
Please bring Black Leggings & heels 

 FREQUENTLY asked Questions
  1. How old do I need to be to participate?
    For Teen Cover Girl - girls betweent the ages of 13-17yrs For Miss Cover Girl - Ladies between the ages of 17-26 yrs If you are 17, you have the choice to move up to the Miss Category if you feel comfortable competing for the Bride Cover rather than the Quinceanera cover.
  2. How do I become a contestant?
    You can register NOW, scroll to bottom of page and register. & Bring your registration receipt to first practice. OR In person come to the first practice 8:45am to register before the first practice MARCH 10. My Dream Hall 239 third ave chula vista.
  3. When is the Next Pageant?
    April 28th, 2019 1st Practice MARCH 10th 9am-11:45am My Dream Hall 239 third ave chula vista
  4. Is there a Registration Fee?
    Yes, there is a $100 registration fee. Plus the sale of day of the pageant TICKETS. Every contestant must sell 15 tickets for $20 each, no exceptions. If you need more than 15 tickets, you can ask for more. Invite as many people to cheer for you the day of the event.
  5. What does the Pageant consist of? Judging criteria?
    -5 min Interview with Judges 30% of score -Opening Dance ( no score given here) -Intro Speech (score) -Fashion Competition (score) -Nightgown Competition (score) -Top 4 answer a Question onstage (added to previous score)
  6. Can I register After March 10th?
    Yes! It's ok if you miss a practice or 2. They are not mandatory practices and do not count in any way towards selecting the winners! You can Join the pageant contestants up to 2 weeks before the pageant when we take the official pictures. Let us know if you want to join anytime!
  7. What is QBModels Academy?
    QBModels Academy is a 12-15 week Program during the summer, where a group of models learn the basics of modeling. ALL Winners Receive a FREE SCHOLARSHIP to the academy! a $370 Value!
  8. Why are there two Cover Girls selected in each age division?
    Our magazine releases a new edition aproximately every 4 months. We hold a pageant once a year. That is why we select two girls so we have our cover girls for the next issues .
  9. Do I need Experience?
    NO. You can be a first time pageant contestant or have experience in pageantry. That is why we provide training by an experienced State title past holder, so you can learn all the basics of pageantry, and your efforts will show onstage.
  10. Can I participate again if I already participated in a past pageant?
    Yes! You may become a contestant again if you did not win. You may also participate as a Miss Contestant if you have been a Teen contestant in the past. and you are 17+ for the Miss Division
  1. What do the winners Get?
    For Teen Cover Girl - Quinceañera COVER For Miss Cover Girl - BRIDE COVER Both Titles Receive: -Sash & Crown -Flowers - Certificate -QBModels Academy SCHOLARSHIP ($370 Value) -Events Presence, Magazine Article & Modeling opportunities.
  2. What Titles are Won the day of Pageant?
    Miss Cover Girl 2 Titles Teen Cover Girl 2 Titles Miss Photogenic (selected by Photographers) Miss Congeniality (selected by contestants) Miss Popular (selected by social media votes)
  3. where are the practices held?
    Practices will be held on My Dream Hall located on 239 3rd ave in Chula Vista downtown.
  4. What days are the practices before Pageant date?
    Practices will be for 4 Sundays before the pageant + 1 Sunday for photoshoot. (total of 5 weeks) March 10, and March 17, March 24, April 7 Photoshoot April 14 Practice Times : 9am -11:45pam
  5. Where will the Pageant be Held?
    The Pageant will take place on Sunday March 24th Place: The Venue at Eastlake Time: 5pm-7pm (doors open 4:30) Tickets $20 each Pre-sale and $25 at the door 11 & Under Free with paid adult
  6. Do I need to be a Quinceañera or Bride to participate?
    NO. You do not need to be a Bride to be any time soon! or have a quinceañera. Participants are MODELS, and as a model it is your job to play the role! of a quinceañera or a Bride just for one day! during the photoshoot. The pageant is open to all ethnicities!
  7. What if I don't sell all 20 tickets for pageant?
    You must sell all 15 tickets to participate the day of the pageant. If you do not sell them all then You are responsible for the money. You must submit all ticket money by March 17th, or you will NOT be allowed to participate. No exceptions!
  8. Do We Keep the pictures?
    YES! Every contestant keeps the pictures we take. You must bring your own USB so we save all the pictures for you. Pageant Day Pictures will be uploaded to facebook & Website.
  9. HOW do I Register?
    3 Ways to REGISTER 1. You can register online. 2. In Person during our QB EXPO Feb 10th at the Jacob Center. Look for our QB Booth and register there! You can fill out and turn in the contestant's package right there! 3. On the First day of practice, just show up 9:30am with Parent and registration FEES DUE, no exceptions!
  10. How can I get a discount on registration?
    You may have a $50 QBMoney we passed out during a Fashion Show, Bring it to Registration Day and you only pay $50

If you are now sure you want to become a contestant
you can pay your registration Fee or deposit.