Welcome Contestant!

You are an official contestant for Quince Bride Pageant
  Here is what you need to do now:      

Step1:  Please download and Print the Contestants Package.
Fill out completely and bring to first day of practice on February 24th, 2019.

Step 2:  We need Your Shirt Size, please use the form below to send us a message after you register online with your shirt size, so we can have your shirt ready the first day of practice.

Step 3: Be prepared for the first day of practice you will need the following

• You Must Wear BLACK LEGGINGS and BLACK QB Shirt at all times! No exceptions

• You must Bring HEELS to every practice.  Also bring comfortable shoes for after practice or if instructor allows you to wear them.  You can bring a snack for a 10min break, we provide water for you. 

• No parents or visitors allowed to stay during practices.  
Download Package
All Contestants
get a QB SHIRT
which will be used
for opening number

QB Pageant Shirt
Available Shirt Sizes
Small - Medium - Large - XLarge - 2XL
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